Two off-road vehicles driving over a dusty road

Companies and their employees that operate internationally are often exposed to complex surroundings with risks that are difficult to assess. These include such problems as a high level of crime, a weak rule of law, terrorism, pandemics and natural disasters. To be able to face these challenges, Legate International draws up individual security strategies and conditions employees on the those specific assignments.

Our experts advise companies and offer help from the analysis phase, through planning to project completion. This requires care and experience to identify, analyse and assess potential risks. Preparation includes sensitising employees by means of various kinds of training to be able to react to all eventualities. Our security concepts are constantly revised and updated.

The risk management and consultancy services at Legate International help companies simplify their business processes and optimise their decision-making and project planning. We also help our clients to build awareness for attacks from outside and within, such as espionage, sabotage and other threats. Legate International ensures that your property is in good hands.