Personal Security

Family with one child on a meadow

Personal protection in both a national and international context is one of the core competencies at Legate International. The main focus ranges from people who are at risk due to their position along with their families and professional surroundings to high risk environments (personal protection for the military). When it’s a question of safeguarding life, health, property and liberty, personal protection has a vital role in the security strategy.

To successfully counter the numerous threats, Legate International remains true to its time-tested philosophy of harmonising the protective measures required with the client’s behaviour, occupational demands and their activities. Discretion, effectiveness, loyalty as well as professional expertise and flexibility are the characteristics on which we place great value.

Legate International guarantees its clients the highest degree of discretion and professionalism. This means that security strategies are individually tailored to the specific requirements in close dialogue with the client. We would be glad to discuss matters with you discretely and advise you on the various options.